Numbers in Paite

How to count in Paite, a Kukish language spoken in Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram states in northern India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 bial
1 khat [xə́t] khana [xə́ná]
2 nih [níɁ] nihna [níɁná]
3 thum [tʰúm] thumna [tʰúmná]
4 li [lí] lina [líná]
5 nga [ŋá] ngana [ŋə́ná]
6 guk [ɡúk] gukna [ɡúkná]
7 sagih [sə́ɡíɁ] sagihna [sə́ɡíɁná]
8 giat [ɡi̯ǎt] giatna [ɡi̯ǎtná]
9 kua [kṷǎ] kuana [kṷǎná]
10 sawm [sòm] sawmna [sòmná]
11 sawmlehkhat [sòm lé xə́t]
12 sawmlehnih [sòm lé níɁ]
13 sawmlehthum [sòm lé tʰúm]
14 sawmlehli [sòm lé lí]
15 sawmlehnga [sòm lé ŋá]
16 sawmlehguk [sòm lé ɡúk]
17 sawmlehsagih [sòm lé sə́ɡíɁ]
18 sawmlehgiat [sòm lé ɡi̯ǎt]
19 sawmlehkua [sòm lé kṷǎ]
20 sawmnih [sòm níɁ]
21 sawmnihlehkhat [sòmníɁ lé xə́t]
22 sawmnihlehnih [sòmníɁ lé níɁ]
23 sawmnihlehthum [sòmníɁ lé tʰúm]
24 sawmnihlehli [sòmníɁ lé lí]
25 sawmnihlehnga [sòmníɁ lé ŋá]
26 sawmnihlehguk [sòmníɁ lé ɡúk]
27 sawmnihlehsagih [sòmníɁ lé sə́ɡíɁ]
28 sawmnihlehgiat [sòmníɁ lé ɡi̯ǎt]
29 sawmnihlehkua [sòmníɁ lé kṷǎ]
30 sawmthum [sòm tʰúm]
40 sawmli [sòm lí]
50 sawmnga [sòm ŋá]
60 sawmguk [sòm ɡúk]
70 sawmsagih [sòm sə́ɡíɁ]
80 sawmgiat [sòm ɡi̯ǎt]
90 sawmkua [sòm kṷǎ]
100 yakhat [jə́xə́t]
200 yanih [jə́níɁ]
1,000 saangkhat [sàŋxə́t]
10,000 siingkhat
100,000 nuaikhat
1,000,000 maktaduai
10 million vaibelsia
100 million vaibelsetak
1 billion tuklehdingawn
10 billion tuklehdingawn sawm
100 billion tuklehdingawn za

Numbers provided by Michael Peter Füstumum


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