Numbers in Chiru

How to count in Chiru (Chhori), a member of the Kukish branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family spoken in Manipur, Assam and Nagaland in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 ǝkhǝt
2 ǝdi
3 ǝthum
4 ǝmili
5 ǝrǝŋa
6 ǝrup
7 ǝsiri
8 ǝret
9 ǝko
10 som
11 somlǝikhǝt
12 somlǝidi
13 somlǝithum
14 somlǝimli
15 somlǝirǝŋa
16 somlǝirup
17 somlǝisiri
18 somlǝiret
19 somlǝiko
20 somdi
21 somdilǝikhǝt
22 somdilǝidi
23 somdilǝithum
24 somdilǝimili
25 somdilǝirǝŋa
26 somdilǝirup
27 somdilǝisiri
28 somdilǝiret
29 somdilǝiko
30 somthum
40 sommili
50 somreŋa
60 somrup
70 somsiri
80 somret
90 somko
100 rǝja

Source: Salam Brojen Singh. Chiru Grammar. Department of Linguistics. Manipur University. Canchipur – 2007.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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