Numbers in Garifuna

How to count in Garifuna (Garífuna), an Arawakan language spoken mainly in Honduras, and also in Belize, Guatamala and Nicaragua

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 gararaguati  
1 ában; aba furumien
2 biáma libiáma
3 ürua lüruan
4 gádürü ligádürün
5 sengü lisengü
6 sisi lisisin
7 sedü lisedün
8 widü liwidün
9 nefu linefun
10 disi  
11 unsu  
12 dusu  
13 tareisi  
14 catorusu  
15 kienci  
16 disisisi  
17 disisedü  
18 disiwidü  
19 disinefu  
20 wein  
21 wein-aba  
22 wein-biama  
23 wein-üruwa  
24 vien-gadurü  
25 wein-sengü  
26 wein-sisi  
27 wein-sedü  
28 wein-widü  
29 wein-nefu  
30 darandi  
40 biama wein  
50 dimi san  
60 ürüwa wein  
70 ürüwa wein disi  
80 gádürü wein  
90 gádürü wein disi  
100 san  
1,000 milu  
1 million miyunu  

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Information about Garifuna numbers

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