Numbers in Wapishana

Information about counting in Wapishana (Wapixana), a Northern Arawakan language spoken in Guyana and Brail.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 bauda’apa, pa-uuda’apa
[its seed]
2 dya’utam, paminauda’u tuma
[with a companion]
3 idikinauda’u, idiki-nao kawana’ati-uda’
[according to the (number of) stones under a pot]
4 pamina’utam-kida, paminauda’u tuma kida
[each with his companion]
5 baka’iauda’u, bauda’apa ka’ui-uda’u
[one hand]
6 bauda’apa-bakaunu’iti
[one to its hand (five fingers plus one other finger)]
10 baokooka’u, baoko waka’u
[both our hands (ten fingers)]
11 bauda’apa-wakidiba’iti
[one toe to our foot (ten fingers and one toe)]
15 badaarapa-wakidiba’iti
[one side to our foot (ten fingers, five toes)]
16 bauda’apa-bakidibanu’iti
[one toe to the other foot (ten fingers, five toes on one foot and one on the other)]
20 banupapa-pidan, bauda’apa pidan nannaa
[a whole person’s body (all twenty fingers and toes on one person)]
21 banupapa-pidan bauda’apa-powa’a
[a whole person and one more]
22 banupapa-pidan-dya’utam-powa’a
[a whole person and two more]
30 banupapa-pidan-baokooka’u-powa’a
[a whole person’s body and both hands more]
40 dya’utam-pidan-nannaa
[two people’s bodies]
50 dya’utam-pidan-nannaa-baokooka’u-powa’a
[two people’s bodies and both hands more]
100 baka’iauda’u-pidan-nannaa
[five people’s bodies]
101 baka’iauda’u-pidan-nannaa-bauda’apa-powa’a
[five people’s bodies and one more]

Source: Scholar's Dictionary and Grammar of the Wapishana language. Tominpainao Ati'o Wapichan Paradan Parada-karu na'iki Paradauzo-karu kaduzu. Wapishana Language Project, Guyana 2000.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Wapishana | Numbers

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