Numbers in Wayuu

Information about counting in Wayuu (Wayuunaiki), an Arawakan language spoken in parts of Venezuela and Colombia.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 seero
1 wane, wanee, waneesia, waneeshia
2 piama
3 apünüin
4 pienchi
5 j’arai, jarai
6 a’ipirua, aipirua, aippirua
7 akaratchi, akaraishi
8 mekiisat, mekiisalü
9 mekietsat, mekie’etasalü
10 po’loo, poloo
11 po’loo wanemüin, po’loo waneemüin, po’loo waneeshimüin
12 po’loo piamamüin
13 po’loo apünüinmüin
14 po’loo pienchimüin
15 po’loo ja’raimüin, po’loo ja’ralimüin
16 po’loo a’ipiruamüin
17 po’loo akaratchimüin, po’loo akaraishimüin
18 po’loo mekiisalümüin
19 po’loo mekietsalümüin, po’loo mekie’etasalümüin
20 piama shikii
21 piama shikii wanemüin, piama shikii waneeshimüin
22 piama shikii piamamüin
23 piama shikii apünüinmüin
24 piama shikii pienchimüin
25 piama shikii ja’raimüin, piama shikii ja’ralimüin
26 piama shikii a’ipiruamüin
27 piama shikii akaratchimüin, piama shikii akaraishimüin
28 piama shikii mekiisalümüin
29 piama shikii mekietsalümüin, piama shikii mekie’etasalümüin
30 apünüin shikii
40 pienchi shikii
50 ja’rai shikii
60 a’ipirua shikii
70 akaratchi shikii, akaraishi shikii
80 mekiisat shikii, mekiisalü shikii
90 mekietsat shikii, mekie’etasalü shikii
100 po’loo shikii
110 po’loo shikii po’loomüin
120 po’loo shikii piamamüin shikii
130 po’loo shikii apünüinmüin shikii
140 po’loo shikii pienchimüin shikii
150 po’loo shikii ja’raimüin shikii
160 po’loo shikii aipiruamüin shikii
170 po’loo shikii akaraishimüin shikii
180 po’loo shikii mekiisalümüin shikii
190 po’loo shikii mekie’etasalümüin shikii
200 piantua po’looin shikii
300 apünüintua po’looin shikii
400 pienchitua po’looin shikii
500 ja’raitua po’looin shikii
600 aipiruatua po’looin shikii
700 akaraishitua po’looin shikii
800 mekiisattua po’looin shikii
900 mekie’etasattua po’looin shikii
1,000 po’lootua po’looin shikii, miirü, mi:r (Spanish: mil)
2,000 piama mi:r
1,000,000 miyon (Spanish: millón)
1,000,000,000 miituasü miyonniirua, miyaatta
1,000,000,000,000 miituasü miirüin miyonniirua, piyon


Information about Wayuu numerals

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Wayuu | Phrases | Numbers | Tower of Babel

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