Jicarilla numbers

How to count in Jicarilla (Abáachi mizaa), a Southern Athabaskan language spoken in New Mexico in the USA.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 daåéédih, dáåéédih i'laa
2 náaki
3 kai'i
4 dîî'i, dîî'í dîîshdih
5 ashdle
6 gostán
7 gosts'idi
8 tsääbíí
9 nôöst'ai
10 goneznán
12 naakits'áadihí
13 ká'ts'áadi
14 dï'ts'áadi
15 ashdla'áadi
16 goska'áadi
17 gosts'its'áadi
18 sai'ts'áadi
19 noosts'its'áadi
20 náadin
28 naadintsääbíí
30 káadin
31 káadin dáåá'ée
32 káadin naaki
33 káadin kai'i
34 káadin dîî'i
35 káadin ashdle
36 káadin goskán
37 káadin gosts'idi
38 káadin sääbîî
39 káadin noost'ai
40 dîïshdin
50 ashdladin
60 goskádin
70 gosts'idin
80 sâäbidin
90 nóost'adin
100 dálé'dikoo
200 náakidikoo
300 káadikoo
400 dîïshdikoo
500 ashdladikoo
600 goskâdikoo
700 gosts'idikoo
800 sääbidikoo
900 noost'ádikoo
1,000 dáåe'dimiiå
1,000,000 miyóon

Hear some Jicarilla numbers:

Information about counting in Jicarilla

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