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Numbers in Tolowa

How to count in Tolowa, an Athabaskan language that was spoken in southwest Oregon in the USA, and which is being revived.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 łla’
2 naaxe
3 taaxe
4 dᵾnchi
5 srweela
6 k’weestąąni
7 shch’eet’e
8 laaniisrᵾtnaatą
9 łla’dui
10 neesan
11 neesanłla’chaata
12 neesannaaxechaata
13 neesantaaxechaata
14 neesandᵾnchichaata
15 neesansrweela’chaata
16 neesank’weestąąnichaata
17 neesanshch’eet’echaata
18 neesanlaaniisrᵾtnaatąchaata
19 neesanłla’duichaata
20 naatᵾnneesan
21 naatᵾnneesanłla’chaata
22 naatᵾnneesannaaxechaata
23 naatᵾnneesantaaxechaata
24 naatᵾnneesandᵾnchichaatah
25 naatᵾnneesanshweela’chaata
26 naatᵾnneesank’weestąąnichaata
27 naatᵾnneesanshch’eet’echaata
28 naatᵾnneesanlaaniisrᵾtnaatąchaata
29 naatᵾnneesanłla’duichaata
30 taatᵾnneesan
32 taatᵾnneesannaaxechaata
40 dinchtᵾnneesan
41 dinchtᵾnneesanłlachaata
50 srweela’tᵾnneesan
53 srweela’tᵾnneesantaaxechaata
60 k’weestąąnitᵾnneesan
70 shch’eet’etᵾnneesan
80 laaniisrᵾtnaatątᵾnneesan
90 łla’duitᵾnneesan
100 łla’chᵾn
120 łla’chᵾnnaatᵾnneesanchaata
200 naaxe’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (2x100) *
300 taaxe’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (3x100)
400 dᵾnchi’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (4x100)
500 srweela’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (5x100)
600 k’weestąąni’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (6x100)
700 shch’eet’e’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (7x100)
800 laaniisrᵾtnaatą’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (8x100)
900 łla’dui’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (9x100)
1,000 neesan’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (10x100)
2,000 naatᵾnneesan’tᵾnłla’chᵾn (20x100)

*Hundreds are formed by setting the multiplier digit, the word tᵾn (times), and the word for hundred chᵾn.

Source: Me’lashne Loren Bommelyn: Now You’re Speaking Tolowa. The Deeni people, their language., pg. 75-79. Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA - 1995.

Information about Tolowa numerals
http://www.languagesandnumbers.com/how-to-count-in-tolowa/en/tol/ http://www.siletzlanguage.org/docs/KG.MA.01%20Counting.pdf

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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