Numbers in Mokilese

How to count in Mokilese (Mwoakilloa), a Micronesian language spoken mainly in Pohnpei state in Micronesia.

Numbers from 1-9 have different classifier suffixes attached to them depending on what is being counted. The -men classifier is used with animate nouns, such as people, animals and birds. The -pas classifier is used for long objects, such as canoes, stories, songs and roads. The -kij classifier is used for things that have parts or pieces, such as sheets of paper. The -w classifier is used for everything else.

Here are some examples: woal roahmen (two men), suhkoa rahpas (two trees), wija riahkij (two pieces of land), puk riaw (two books).

Abbreviations used: G = general (-w), A = animate (-men), L = long objects (-pas), P = partitive (-kij), S = serial numbers.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 ew (G)
emen (A)
apas (L)
ekij (P)
oahd (S)
2 riaw (G)
roahmen (A)
rahpas (L)
riakij (P)
ari (S)
3 jiluw (G)
jilmen (A)
jilpas (L)
jilkij (P)
ejil (S)
4 pahw (G)
pahmen (A)
pahpas (L)
pahpas (L)
oapoang (S)
5 limoaw (G)
limmen (A)
limpas (L)
limkij (P)
alim (S)
6 wonow (G)
wonmen (A)
wonpas (L)
wonkij (P)
ohn (S)
7 ijuw (G)
ijmen (A)
ijpas (L)
ijkij (P)
eij (S)
8 waluw (G)
walmen (A)
walpas (L)
walkij (P)
awal (S)
9 duoaw (G)
dohmen (A)
dohpas (L)
dohkij (P)
adu (S)
10 eijek
11 eijek ew
12 eijek riaw
13 eijek jiluw
14 eijek pahw
15 eijek limoaw
16 eijek wonow
17 eijek ijuw
18 eijek waluw
19 eijek duoaw
20 rieijek
21 rieijek ew
22 rieijek riaw
23 rieijek jiluw
24 rieijek pahw
25 rieijek limoaw
26 rieijek wonow
27 rieijek ijuw
28 rieijek waluw
29 rieijek duoaw
30 jilihjek
40 pahjek
50 limeijek
60 ijihkek
70 woneijek
80 walihjek
90 dueijek
100 epwki
104 epwki pahw
200 riepwki
252 riepwki limeijek riaw
300 jilipwki
400 pahpwki
500 limepwki
600 ijipwki
700 wonopwki
800 walipwki
900 dohpwki
1,000 kid
2,000 riakid
3,000 jilkid
4,000 pahkid
5,000 limkid
6,000 ijkid
7,000 wonkid
8,000 walkid
9,000 dohkid
10,000 nen
100,000 lopw
million rar
ten million dep
hundred million japw
billion lik
once ehpak
twice riapak


Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Mokilese numbers

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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