Numbers in Sonsorolese

How to count in Sonsorolese (Ramari Dongosaro), a Micronesian language spoken in Sonsorol State and Koror in Palau.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 deo, dew matamwar
2 luwou, luou xaluowar
3 duruw, do’ru xaderuar
4 fauw, fau xafauar
5 rimouwa, ri’mou xarimouar
6 worouwa, wo’rou xaworuar
7 fuduwa, fi’du xafiduar
8 waruwa, wa’ru xawaruar
9 tiwouwa, ti’wou xatiouwar
10 deih, degetiu xadegetiuar
11 deih ma deo, dege ma dew
12 deih ma luwou, dege ma luou
13 deih ma duruw, dege ma do‘ru
14 deih ma fauw, dege ma fau
15 deih ma rimouwa, dege ma ri‘mou
16 deih ma worouwa, dege ma wo‘rou
17 deih ma fuduwa, dege ma fidu
18 deih ma waruwa, dege ma wa‘ru
19 deih ma timouwa, dege ma ti‘wou
20 liyeih, jeig
30 dorih, de:rig
40 faih, faig
50 rimeih, rimeig
60 woroih, woroig
70 fidih, fi’di:g
80 warih, wo’ri:g
90 tiwoih, tiweig
100 dobuhuya, doboɣoije
200 liyebuhuya
300 dorubuhuya
500 rimebuhuya
1,000 da ngaladi, daŋalafi
once fadeᵾ
twice falou
1/2 detabu
1/3 depat
2/3 lipat
1/4 fapat


Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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