Numbers in Pingelapese

How to count in Pingelapese, a Micronesian language spoken mainly in Pingelap and Pohnpei in Micronesia.

The numbers 1-9 have differents forms depending on what you are counting. The first numbers shown are used to count non-specific things; the second set are used for long things, such as roads and trees; the third set are used for animate things, such as people, animals and birds; the fourth set for are used for small or partial objects, and the fifth set for other nouns.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 aehd (non-specific things)
aepas (long things)
aemen (animate things)
ekis (small things)
eu (other nouns)
2 ari (non-specific things)
risepas (long things)
riaemaen (animate things)
risekis (small things)
riau (other nouns)
3 esil (non-specific things)
silipas (long things)
silimaen (animate things)
silikis (small things)
silu (other nouns)
4 aepoang (non-specific things)
pahpas (long things)
pahmaen (animate things)
pahkis (small things)
pahu (other nouns)
5 alim (non-specific things)
luhpas (long things)
luhmaen (animate things)
lumikis (small things)
limau (other nouns)
6 awoahn (non-specific things)
woanaepas (long things)
woanaemaen (animate things)
woanikis (small things)
wonou (other nouns)
7 aeis (non-specific things)
isipas (long things)
isimaen (animate things)
isikis (small things)
isu (other nouns)
8 aewael (non-specific things)
waelaepas (long things)
waelaemaen (animate things)
waelikis (small things)
waelu (other nouns)
9 add (non-specific things)
duaepas (long things)
duaemaen (animate things)
duoau (small things)
duoau (other nouns)
10 eisik, eisaek
11 eisaek aehd
12 eisaek ari
13 eisaek esil
14 eisaek aepoang
15 eisaek alim
16 eisaek awoahn
17 eisaek aeis
18 eisaek aewael
19 eisaek add
20 rieisaek
30 silihsaek
40 pahisaek
50 limeisaek
60 woneisaek
70 isihsaek
80 waelihsaek
90 tueisaek
100 epwiki
200 repwiki
300 silipwiki
400 pahpwiki
500 limepwiki
600 wonepwiki
700 isipwiki
800 waelipwiki
900 duepwiki
1,000 kid
10,000 naen
100,000 lop
1,000,000 rar


Information about counting in Pingelapese

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