Osage Script (𐓏𐒰𐓓𐒰𐓓𐒷)

The Osage script was created in 2006 by Herman Mongrain Lookout, the director of the Osage Language Program for the Osage Nation in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It is part of efforts to revitalize the Osage language, and is based on the Latin alphabet.

It was revised in 2012 to represent the sounds of Osage more precisely, and to prepare it for submission to Unicode. Lower case letters were added in 2014, and it became part of Unicode in 2016.

Notable features

Osage script

Osage script

Download an alphabet chart for Osage (Excel)


Sample text

Sample text in the Osage script


An Old Man was going - he was going following a creek. He saw a Snake. The Snake said, "Walk over there." The Old Man said, "You, you walk over there. I'm going to kick you," the Old Man told him. The Snake said, "When you kick me, I will bite you." The Old Man said, "Then bite me," and he kicked him. When he kicked, this snake bit him on the heel. When he bit him, the Old Man went on, and at a tree, he sat down there. As he sat, his whole foot was swelling. The Old Man said, "Oo, I'm getting fat!" As he kept sitting, they say he was dying, and the Old Man died. His whole body was swelled up and he was dead.

Source: Final proposal to encode the Osage script in the UCS

Video about the Osage language and script

Information about the Osage language | Osage script | Numbers


Information about the Osage script

Osage fonts


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