Time in Ojibwe

How to tell the time in Ojibwe (Anishinaabemowin / ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ), an Algonquian language spoken in the parts of Canadian and the USA. The spelling of Minnesota Ojibwe is used here.

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English Ojibwe
What time is it? Aaniish endaso-diba'iganeg?
Aaniin endaso-diba'iganeg?
It's one o'clock Ningo-diba'iganed
It's quarter past one Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-ningo-diba'iganeg
It's half past one Ningo-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to two Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-niizho-diba'iganeg
It's two o'clock Niizho-diba'iganed
It's quarter past two Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-niizho-diba'iganeg
It's half past two Niizho-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to three Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-niso-diba'iganeg
It's three o'clock Niso-diba'iganed
It's quarter past three Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-niso-diba'iganeg
It's half past three Niso-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to four Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-niiwo-diba'iganeg
It's four o'clock Niiwo-diba'iganed
It's quarter past four Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-niiwo-diba'iganeg
It's half past four Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-niiwo-diba'iganeg
It's quarter to five Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-naano-diba'iganeg
It's five o'clock Naano-diba'iganed
It's quarter past five Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-naano-diba'iganeg
It's half past five Naano-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to six Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-ningodwasso-diba'iganeg
It's six o'clock Ningodwasso-diba'iganed
It's quarter past six Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-ningodwasso-diba'iganeg
It's half past six Ningodwasso-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to seven Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-niizhwaaso-diba'iganeg
It's seven o'clock Niizhwaaso-diba'iganed
It's quarter past seven Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-niizhwaaso-diba'iganeg
It's half past seven Niizhwaaso-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to eight Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-niswasso-diba'iganeg
It's eight o'clock Niswasso-diba'iganed
It's quarter past eight Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-niswasso-diba'iganeg
It's half past eight Niswasso-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to nine Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-zhaangaso-diba'iganeg
It's nine o'clock Zhaangaso-diba'iganed
It's quarter past nine Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-zhaangaso-diba'iganeg
It's half past nine Zhaangaso-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to ten Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-midaaso-diba'iganeg
It's ten o'clock Midaaso-diba'iganed
It's quarter past ten Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-midaaso-diba'iganeg
It's half past ten Midaaso-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to eleven Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-midaaswi-ashi-bezhig-diba'iganeg
It's eleven o'clock Midaaswi-ashi-bezhig (daso-)diba'iganed
Midaaswi-diba'iganed ashi-bezhig
It's quarter past eleven Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-midaaswi-ashi-bezhig-diba'iganeg
It's half past eleven Midaaswi-ashi-bezhig-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to twelve Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-midaaswi-ashi-niizh-diba'iganeg
It's twelve o'clock Midaaswi ashi niizh-diba'iganeg
It's quarter past twelve Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans ishkwaa-midaaswi-ashi-niizh-diba'iganeg
It's half past twelve Midaaswi ashi niizh-diba'iganed ashi-aabita
It's quarter to one Midaaswi-ashi-naano-diba'igaans jibwaa-ningo-diba'iganeg
It's midnight Aabitaa-dibikad
It's midday Naawakwe

Hear how to tell the time in Ojibwe:


Days of the week

Monday Ishkwaa anamii'e giizhigad (after prayer day)
Tuesday Niizho giizhigad (second day)
Wednesday Aabitoose (halfway)
Thursday Niiyo giizhigad (fourth day)
Friday Naano giizhigad (fifth day)
Saturday Ishkwaa anokii giizhigad (after work day)
Giiziibiigisaginige giizhigad (floor scrubbing day)
Sunday Anamii'e giizhigad (prayer day)


Months of the year

January Giichi manido giizis (great spirit moon)
February Namebini giizis (sucker moon)
March Onaabani giizis (crust on the snow moon)
April Ishkigamizige giizis (sap boiling moon)
May Waabigoni giizis (flower moon)
Zagibagaa giizis (budding moon)
June Ode'imini giizis (strawberry moon)
July Miini giizis (blueberry moon)
Baashkizige giizis (explosion moon)
Aabita niibino giizis (half summer moon)
August Manoominike giizis (wildrice making moon)
September Waatebagaa Giizis (leaves changing moon)
October Binaakwe giizis (raking/falling leaves moon)
November Gashkidino giizis (freezing/ice forming moon)
December Manido Giizisoohns (little spirit moon)



Spring Ziigwan
Summer Niibin
Autumn/Fall Dagwaagi
Winter Biboon



Information about time in Ojibwe

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