Arrernte (Arrernte angkentye)

Arrernte is part of the Arandic group of the Pama-Nyungan languages, and is spoken by about 3,000 people in central Australia, particularly in Alice Springs (Mparntwe). It is one of the strongest Australian Aboriginal languages as a result of the isolation of the Arrernte-speaking areas.

There are five dialects of Arrernte, Central Arrernte (spoken in Alice Springs), Eastern Arrernte (spoken to the east of Alice Springs), Western Arrernte (spoken to the west of Alice Springs), Pertame/Southern Arrernte and Lower Arrernte.

Arrernte is taught to all students in the primary schools of Alice Springs. It is also available as an optionally subject in high school and in the Centralian College. Many employers in Alice Springs encourage their employees to learn some Arrernte and provide funding for them to do so. There are also some radio and television programmes in Arrernte.

Arrernte pronunciation

Arrernte pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Arrernte (Excel)

Sample text in Arrernte

Anwerne Mparntwe-arenye tyerrtye mapele arrenhantherre welcome-ileme apmere anwerne-kenhe-werne. Anwerne ahentye-aneme arrantherre akaltye-irremele respectem-iletyeke apmere nhenhe.


We, the people who belong to Alice Springs, welcome you to our country. We hope you will learn about, and respect our country. We, the people who belong to Alice Springs.


Sample video in Arrernte

Information about Arrernte | Tower of Babel (in Eastern Arrernte)


Information about the Arrernte people, language and culture

Arrernte dictionary

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