Pintupi is part of the Wati branch of the Pama-Nyungan language family. It is spoken in Kiwirrkura and Jupiter Well (Puntutjarrpa) in Western Australia, and in Kintore (Waḻungurru) in the Northern Territory of Australia. In 2016 there were about 150 speakers of Pintupi.

A new variety of Pintupi known as Pintupi-Luritja is spoken by children growing up in some areas, and increasing numbers of older people are speaking it as well. It developed due to close contact with speakers of Arrernte, Warlpiri and of varieties of Western Desert Language. In 2016 there were about 900 speakers of this variety.

Pinutupi is taught in some schools, and children are acquiring it from their parents. An orthography for Pintupi was developed in the 1960s by K. C. and L. E. Hansen. They used this to publish a dictionary, grammar and translations of parts of the Bible.

Pintupi alphabet and pronunciation

Pintupi alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Pintupi (Excel)

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Information about Pintupi

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