Noongar (Nyungaa-wangka)

Noongar or Nyungar is an Australian language of the Nyungar group of the Pama-Nyungan language family with only a few fluent speakers. It was once spoken in the south-western part of Western Australia between the area north of Perth and the south coast eastern of Albany. Most of Nyungar-speaking peoble live in the eastern part of this region. There was no standard Nyungar language, but a number of dialects. A creolized form of the eastern dialect of Noongar, known as Neo-Nyungar, is spoken by about 8,000 people.

Noongar was first written in 1801 by Mathew Flinders, who made a number of word lists. Since then a number of different spelling systems have been devised.

Noongar pronunciation

Noongar pronunciation

Transcriptions starting with a hyphen indicate that the letters appear only at the ends of words.

Information compiled by Wolfram Siegel.


Information about the Noongar people, language and culture

Noongar (Nyungar) language resources

Details of Noogar pronunciation

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