Bade (gàbàden)

Bade is a West Chadic language spoken in Yobe and Jigawa States in northern Nigeria. In 2007 there were about 250,000 speakers of Bade, which is also known as Badanci, Bedde, Bede or Gidgid. Bade is used in homes and villages, is taught in primary schools, and used in literature and on the radio. However, Bade speakers are shifting to Hausa, the dominant language of the region.

There are three main dialects of Bade: Gashua Bade, Southern Bade and Western Bade. Gashua Bade is spoken in the city of Gashua, and in the surrounding area. Southern Bade is spoken mainly in the towns of Katamma, Katangana and Gorgoram to the south and west of Gashua. Western Gade has the most speakers, and is spoken in the towns of Amshi, Dagona, Tagali and Madamuwa is the west of the Bade-speaking area.

Within each dialect of Bade there is much variation, and each Bade-speaking town and village has it's own version of the language.

Bade alphabet and pronunciation

Bade alphabet and pronunciation


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