Miya (vә́na mίy)

Miya is a West Chadic language spoken in Bauchi State in northeastern Nigeria, particlarly in Miya Town in Ganjuwa Local Government Area. In 1995 there were about 30,000 speakers of Miya, which is also known as Miyanci, Miyawa or Muya.

Miya pronunciation

Miya pronunciation


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Sample text in Miya

Yáddē Ní Dāɗəma Tál Nāma

Dà fárkō yaddēní miy dā̀ɗə́ma tál nāma, mìy ā vā́zúw ɗṓ bíy a [dǝ] sǝnùwsǝɗáhǝ. Kwā́tsā́ā̀yuw ká, tsúwày miy bǝsáy, hár yànzú kā gā́rǝdzà ká mìy mǝna bǝsáy [bǝsaw]. Kwā́mə́nā tsā́ā̀yuw ká tsuwày, tṑ shíykḕnán suw zàhiyáy.


The Way We Make Our Beer

First of all the way we make our beer, we will pour sorghum into water and it will spend the night in it. When the dawn comes, in the morning we wash it, and again when it is afternoon we wash it again. When the dawn comes again, in the morning, well that's it, it is just spread out.

Source: https://ucla.app.box.com/s/6bcch5uayjse88lhn0jdameis6pn34o8

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Information about Miya

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