Hdi (xdí)

Hdi is a Chadic language spoken by about 29,000 people mainly in northern Cameroon, and also in northeastern Nigeria. The majority of Hdi speakers live in the Mokolo area in Mayo-Tsanaga Department in the Far North Region of Cameroon, particularly in the town of Tourou. Hdi speakers in Nigeria are found mainly in the towns of Mubi and Yola in Adamawa State.

Hdi is also known as Hdi, Hedi, Hide, Xadi, Xdi, Xedi, Xədi, Turu-Hide or Tur. Native speakers call it xdí or gwáɗ-á xdí. It is closely related to Mabas, which is spoken in the same area. It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Hdi alphabet and pronunciation

Hdi alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Hdi (Excel)

Sample text

Ma sana fitik mbaɗaka sana mndu ka sli’aftá, ka lab tsi da ŋafta dəɓla ni nda pala. Yaw, ta kumay si ta ksaftá dər thurum skwani tsi, dər nagan tsi.

Source: Exposé de l’alphabet et de l’orthograp#he pour la langue Hidé

Sample video

Information about Hdi | Numbers


Information about Hdi

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