Dadibi is a member of the Teberan branch of the Trans-New Guinea language family. It is spoken in eastern Papua New Guinea, particularly in the Karimui-Nomane District of Chimbu Province, in the Kagua-Erave District of Southern Highlands Province, and in southern parts of Jiwaka Province. In 1988 there were about 10,000 speakers of Dadibi, which is also known as Daribi or Karimui.

Dadibi was first written in the 1980s, when Christian missionaries started translating the Bible. They devised a way to write the language using the Latin alphabet, and a complete Dadibi translation of the Bible was published in 2001/2002. They also produced material, such as readers and a grammar, to help the Dadibi people learn to read and write their language.

Dadibi alphabet and pronunciation

Dadibi alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Dadibi (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer)

Dago Aya, nage dagalude bidibo bidi, dago homugo nago nogi wiegi yai tedali mu bideibao. Dago homugo te nago te we bidi mu tonalubo sogo daba asomainao. Tama te dagalude bidibo bidi augwaligo nago homu kolesaga wali pabo tiwai gilama, tama nago homu kolesaga e tǫde bidibo we bidi augwaligo wali pao. Dago homugo nago megi e sogode usu nama te da tuabo nai mao. Tama dago homugo nago dago dwai sę yali sela sąyao. Te bidi dabe augwaligo da dali dwai sę elama, tama dago augwaligo te dwai sę yali sela sąbo tiwai yali gilama tama nago dago sęgę sela sąyao. Te da te dwai sę yanama sinawainogo bo sogo daba asidali weyu, nago te habu selao. Tama te dwai sę page bidi agai da dolidali weyu te nago da tau sao. Tama nago te genuai bomo me ula, te genuai nogi me te nagede sesemane sogo bidada paibao. Mu dao, te tama tiwai pedalomainao, te dago homugo dao.


Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Video in Dadibi

Information about Dadibi | Tower of Babel


Information about Dadibi

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