Daga is a Trans-New Guinea language spoken in Milne Bay and Central Provinces of Papua New Guinea, particularly in the Rabaraba and Abau subdistricts. There are also some speakers in southeast Oro Province. In 2007 there were about 9,000 speakers of Daga, which is also known as Dimuga or Nawp.

Daga is taught in primary and secondary schools, and about half of the Daga speakers are literate in their language.

Daga alphabet and pronunciation

Daga alphabet and pronunciation

Download alphabet charts for Daga in PDF or Excel format.

Sample text

Tamaru gapan wanigen ase anega waingin en oaen wariangin orup Mosisi baraen. Ma ongen ma tauan Duguruk wanigingin Diwawan kurudin dot onen.


I was a youth; thus I was living there for a long time, and I married; thus I was living, and I bore the child Mosisi. I came here, I arrived here, and I was living at Duguruk, and Diwawan came up to get carriers.

Source: Daga Grammar by Elizabeth Murane

Information provided by Wolfram Siegel & Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample of spoken Daga


Information about Daga language

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