Jalapa Mazatec (Ndaxjò)

Jalapa Mazatec is Oto-Manguean language spoken in the Tuxtepec District of the north of the Mexican State of Oaxaca, mainly near the town of San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz. In 2005 there were by about 23,200 speakers of Jalapa Mazatec, which is also known as Lowland Mazatec, Mazateco de San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz, or Mazateco del este bajo.

There is a whistled version of Jalapa Mazatec.

The language is used in homes, businesses, churches, and in local government. It is also taught in schools, alongside Spanish.

Jalapa Mazatec alphabet and pronunciation

Jalapa Mazatec alphabet and pronunciation


Download alphabet charts for Jalapa Mazatec in PDF or Excel format.

Sample text

Nku xú chána̱tsé kisakuyá xúhu̱ nku ni̱jmé. I̱s'a̱i xú y'éntje̱ chána̱tsée̱ kui ni̱jmée̱, b'a̱ tjíu̱n. Nga xú ja kuma nk'a xú jnu̱hu̱ chána̱tsée̱, i̱s'a̱i xú b'a̱ kitsú: “Tsa tu̱ sahá i̱chí kuenta̱ nji̱ kfihi̱nnchíhi̱í jóo̱ ñá kai, déíhi̱”, tsu xú.


There was once a rabbit that found a grain of corn. The rabbit planted it, and when the cornfield grew, he said to himself: “Let's go borrow corn from the people on account of our milpa”.

Source: XÛJÛN ÉN NTÁXJÔ Narraciones Mazatecas con Glosario Mazateco de Jalapa de Díaz y españo

Information provided by Wolfram Siegel and Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video


Information about Jalapa Mazatec languages
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazatèque_de_Jalapa https://www.ethnologue.com/18/language/maj/

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