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Judeo-Arabic (عربية يهودية / ערבית יהודית)

The Judeo-Arabic script is a version of the Hebrew script used to write the Judeo-Arabic language - a version of Arabic with influences from Hebrew and Aramaic. Judeo-Arabic is used by Jews in Arabic-speaking regions and began to develop after the 7th century AD, when Islam was spreading to the Middle East and North Africa. Most Judeo-Arabic literature is written by Jews for Jews and concerns Jewish topics.

Notable Features

Judeo-Arabic script

Judeo-Arabic script

Sample video in Judeo-Arabic


Information about Judeo-Arabic

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Languages written with the Hebrew script

Aramaic, Bukhori, Domari, Hebrew, Jewish Neo-Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Juhuri, Knaanic, Ladino, Mozarabic, Yiddish, Yevanic

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