Jewish Neo-Aramaic (Lišāna Arāmīṯ / אַרָמִית לׅשָנַא)

Jewish Neo-Aramaic languages are members of the Aramaic branch of the Semitic language family. There are a number of varieties of Jewish Neo-Aramaic, including:

Speakers of Jewish Neo-Aramaic migrated to Israel in the 1950s, and most of them started speaking Hebrew instead of the native language.

Jewish Neo-Aramaic is written with a version of the Hebrew script. It was first used in literature during the 17th century. Most of the literature consists of homiletic literature (midrashim), biblical commentaries, hymns (piyyutim) and similar.

Jewish Neo-Aramaic alphabet and pronunciation

Hebrew script for Jewish Neo-Aramaic

Download Jewish Neo-Aramaic chart provided by Wolfram Siegel (Word doc, in German)

Sample text (The district of Barwari and its fauna and flora)

אַתרְדּ בַּרוַרנָאיֵי דֵּינִי רָ֗אבַּ בַּסִימַ וֵיוַ. אְתוָאבֵּי טֻרָאנֵי ר֗וֹמָאנֵי, אְתוָאבֵּי דָּארֻבַּרֵי, רָ֗אבַּ אִילָאנֵי, אִילָאנְדּ אִילָאנְדּ עַפּצַ, אִילָאנְדּ בַּלוּטֵי, בְּטמָאתַ; אְתוָאבַּ ספְּנדָּארֵי, אְתוָאבַּ גּוֹזָאנֵי, אְתוָאבַּ צֻצָאנֵי, גְּרִיסכֵּי... אֻו גֻּו מָאתַ כֻּדּגְּנתַ אֻו גְּנתַ, אְתוָאבַּ כֻּלֵּי פֵיכֵּי.


Aṯrəd Barwarnāye deni ṛāba basima wewa. Əṯwābe ṭurāne ṛomāne, əṯwābe dārubare, ṛāba ilāne, ilānəd ilānəd ʕapṣa, ilānəd balūṭe, bəṭmāṯa; əṯwāba spəndāre, əṯwāba gozāne, əṯwāba ṣuṣāne, gəriske... u gu māṯa kudgənṯa u gənṯa, əṯwāba kulle feke.


Our district of Barwari was very nice. It had high mountains, forests, many trees, gall-nut oak trees, oak trees, terebinth trees; it had poplars, walnut trees, azaroles, wild pears... and in the village each orchard contained apple trees, it had plum trees, there were apricot trees, there were walnut trees, there were grapevines, it had all kinds of fruit.

Source: The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Betanure

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Jewish Neo-Aramaic


Information about Jewish Neo-Aramaic

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