Stoney (Nakoda)

Stoney is a variety of Dakota Siouan spoken in Alberta in Canada by about 3,000 people. It is also known as Alberta Assiniboine and is closely related to Assiniboine, however there is little mutually intelligible between the two languages.

Stoney alphabets and pronunciation

Until recently Nakoda was an oral language. A standard way of writing the language using the Latin alphabet was developed by linguists and Nakoda speakers. There are a number of other ways to write Stoney.

Stoney alphabets and pronunciation

Sample text

Wîjan âba wazhi en, Îktomnî câgunâ ca opa ya ûshtac. Mâni ye zhe ecen wopaxtahiya hâc. Tehân manîshîx, câ ohâ dagucagash nâxûhâc. Hececîhâ îto înâzhîhûnâ wopaxtagahâc. Dohâ basûpta hâc ne dagucagash nâxûke. Hececîhâ ne dagucagash nâxûke one hâc. Câgunâ ke opa, îhîcî xeyada câ ohâ, wone ya ûshtac. Wone hiya cen, ne dagucagash nâxûke dagucazhe coyahâc. Îpanûwâbi cahâc nâxûzhe. Îpanûwâbi caniye cîhâ hoxniye îciya one hâc. Câgu opeke tehâshîx tatâga pahuhu sheja ca câgu îjaxtax îgahâc. Zhehâ, Îktomnî tatâga pahuhu sheja ke îjaxtax hiya hâduk îpanûwâbi ke waxmân îgabihâc.

Alphabets and sample text supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum


Sample videos in and about Stoney

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Information about Stoney

Siouan languages

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Languages written with the Latin alphabet

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