Crow (Apsáalooke)

Crow is a Siouan language spoken in southern Montana in the USA, particularly on the Crow Indian Reseration. In 2007 there were about 3,000 Crow speakers. Crow is closely related to Hidatsa, a Siouan language spoken in North and South Dakota. The two languages belong to the Missouri Valley branch of Siouan languages, however they are not mutually intelligible.

The majority of of Crow speakers are over 30 years old. However there are some younger speakers, and many of the younger generation can understand the language, even if they cannot speak it. In 2012 a Crow immersion school was set up on the Crow Reservation, and there is a Crow Summer Institute at Little Big Horn College

The native name for Crow is Apsáalooke [ə̀ˈpsáːɾòːɡè], which means "children of the large beaked bird. The language is also known as Apsaroke, Absarokee or Absaroke.

Crow alphabet and pronunciation

Crow pronunciation


Sample text in Crow (Lord's Prayer)

Min-upguá, akmakukuré
danashé izishíu;
andibabazéze máre híi;
ba-an-da-nas'-dó-díu makukuré,
arakóte amé áken kuh karakotíi.
Maré mapam-barú sua hinné mapé mirikiú
míru baskotáo arakavirét bavíavuk,
Dih maré arakiverétta mirikiú:
arakavía maré diazíssa:
bagavía gagúa maré hizíssa.


Sample video in and about Crow

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Information about the Crow language

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