Zeme is a member of the Kuki-Chin-Naga / Kukish branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken by about 110,000 people in northeastern India, particularly in Dima Hasao District of Assam, in Tamenglong and Senapati districts of Manipur, and in Peren District of Nagaland.

Other names for Zeme include Zeme Naga, Empeo, Jeme, Kacha, Zemi or Zeilang. There are two dialects: Paren and Njauna. It is closely related to Liangmai and Rongmei, which are spoken in nearby areas. The Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei tribes were collectively known as Zeliangrong.

There is a way to write Zeme with a version of the International Phonetic alphabet. Other spelling systems are available, however the language is rarely written. There is a translation of the Bible in Zeme.

Zeme alphabet and pronunciation

Zeme alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Zeme (Excel)

Sample text

indaŋka bimru kelo-ge rəhaŋna-poine bəm-ləi. pəzi a həriluŋbe əcəiyu-ləi. pəpui čaizize čaidi-də-ləi. əcəiyudige pəpəiyu pənao ku kedai-də-ləi. čipao rəhaŋpəiyu čiŋčudəge pəlui-i kesaŋ-ləi. pəkaŋme hələiyume-rəme-ne həlu iŋgəiyurak ku-də-ləi, dəge pənui kaŋgiyut də-ləi.


Once upon a time, there was a small boy in Bimru village. His name was Harilungbe. His mother died soon after his birth. Because of that, his father married another woman. The boy was handsome when he grew up. The boy and all his girl friends from the village went together to the field and work together in one another’s field.

Source: A Descriptive Grammar Of Zeme by Chanu, Sapam Sangita.

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Information about Zeme

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