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Lao for Beginners

Lao for Beginners

by Buasawan Simmala and Benjawan Poomsan Becker

- an excellent introductory course in spoken and written Lao suitable for complete beginners. Focuses on teaching you practical, everyday language. An audio CD with recordings of the dialogues and exercises is also available, but is sold separately.

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Lao-English and English-Lao Dictionary

Lao-English and English-Lao Dictionary: With Transliteration for Non-Lao Speakers

by Khamphan Mingbuapha and Benjawan Poomsan Becker

- a good Lao dicionary designed for English speakers. The Lao entries are shown in the Lao script and in Latin transliteration. Also includes a guide to pronunciation and notes on grammar.

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Lao-English/English-Lao Dictionary and Phrasebook

Lao-English/English-Lao Dictionary and Phrasebook

by James Higbie

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