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Unified Alphabet

Unified Alphabet

The Unified Alphabet (Lo Pame Bugwirsu) alphabet was invented by Matt Youens for use in a fictional story he is writing. It gets its name from the fact that it was formed by uniting existing alphabets and languages of his fictional world. The characters themselves are inspired in part by the Armenian and Georgian alphabets and the Brahmi-derived scripts while the vocabulary of the language they're used to write is adapted from Lojban. Some of the phonology has been altered to reflect features of natural languages.

Notable features

The Unified Alphabet

Unified Alphabet


Sample text

Sample text in the Unified Alphabet


La Chemphi pu chuuna nu lay Jidaqui chu kuiji lo ri sensa purdi.

IPA Transliteration

[lɐ ˈʃɛɱfi pu ˌʃuːnɐ nu lɐɪ dʒɪˈdɐkwi ʃu kuˈɪdʒi lo ɾi ˌsɛnsɐ ˈpʊɾdi]


The god(s) chose the Jidaqui to tend to the sacred garden.

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