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Family words in Cuyonon

Words for family members and other relatives in Cuyonon.

family kāiga, pamilya
kin, relatives parinti
parent gorang-gorang
father tatay, ama
mother nanay, ina
child bastek
son bata nga lalaki
daughter bata nga babai
spouse, couple pasangan
husband asawa
wife kaba'not
sibling(s) bata
brother kagorangan (eldest) manong (older) kalibayenan (youngest)
sister manang
uncle tio, tito, angkel
aunt tia, tita, anti
cousin ilog
nephew, niece inables
grandfather lolo
grandmother lola
grandchild apo
son/daughter-in-law manogang
father/mother-in-law panogangan
brother/sister-in-law bayaw

Information provided by Ryan D. Ibañez

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