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Family words in Malay

Words for family members and other relatives in Malay.

  Malay (Bahasa Melayu)
family keluarga
kin, relatives saudara-mara / sanak-saudara
parents ibu-bapa
father abah, ayah, bapa
mother emak, ibu
child(-ren) anak(-anak)
son anak lelaki
daughter anak perempuan
spouse, couple pasangan
husband suami
wife isteri
siblings adik-beradik
brother saudara (frm)
abang (older)
adik (lelaki) (younger)
sister saudari (frm)
kakak (older)
adik (perempuan) (younger)
uncle bapa saudara (frm)
pak long (parent's eldest brother)
pak ngah (parent's second oldest brother)
pak ucu/pak su (parent's youngest brother)
pak cik (generic)
aunt ibu saudara frm
mak long (parent's eldest sister)
mak ngah (parent's second oldest sister)
mak ucu/pak su (parent's youngest sister)
mak cik (generic)
cousin pupu (generic)
sepupu (first cousin)
dua pupu (second cousin)
tiga pupu (third cousin)
nephew, niece anak saudara (both genders)
grandfather datuk
grandmother nenek
grandchild cucu (both genders)
great grandparent moyang (both genders)
great grandchild cicit (both genders)
great-great-grandparent buyut (both genders)
father-in-law bapa mertua
mother-in-law ibu mertua
brother-in-law abang ipar (spouse's older brother)
adik ipar (spouse's younger brother)
sister-in-law kakak ipar (spouse's older sister)
adik ipar (spouse's younger sister)
child-in-law menantu (both genders)
parent of one's child's spouse besan*
stepfather bapa tiri
stepmother ibu tiri
stepchild anak tiri (both genders)
foster father bapa angkat
foster mother ibu angkat
adopted child anak angkat (both genders)

List compiled by CL Tan

*Besan has no equivalent in English. It refers to the relation between parents of children who are married to each other, as in 'the parent of one's child's spouse'.

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