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Sarikoli numbers

How to count in Sarikoli (tujik ziv), a member of the Pamir subgroup of the Southeastern Iranian languages spoken by Tajiks in China.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 i(w) iwinči
2 δa, δɛw ikinči, δɛwinči
3 aróy aróyinči
4 cavúr cavúrinči
5 pinӡ pinӡinči
6 xel xelinči
7 ыvd, ɯvd ыvdinči, ɯvdinči
8 wox̌t wox̌tinči
9 new newinči
10 δes δesinči
11 δes-a(t) i(w) δes-a(t) iwinči
12 δes-a(t) δa δes-a(t) δɛwinči
13 δes-a(t) aróy δes-a(t) aróyinči
14 δes-a(t) cavúr δes-a(t) cavúrinči
15 δes-a(t) pinӡ δes-a(t) pinӡinči
16 δes-a(t) xel δes-a(t) xelinči
17 δes-a(t) ыvd, δes-a(t) ɯvd δes-a(t) ыvdinči, δes-a(t) ɯvdinči
18 δes-a(t) wox̌t δes-a(t) wox̌tinči
19 δes-a(t) new δes-a(t) newinči
20 wist wistinči
21 wist-a(t) i(w) wist-a(t) iwinči
22 wist-a(t) δa wist-a(t) δɛwinči
23 wist-a(t) aróy wist-a(t) aróyinči
24 wist-a(t) cavúr wist-a(t) cavúrinči
25 wist-a(t) pinӡ wist-a(t) pinӡinči
26 wist-a(t) xel wist-a(t) xelinči
27 wist-a(t) ыvd, wist-a(t) ɯvd wist-a(t) ыvdinči, wist-a(t) ɯvdinči
28 wist-a(t) wox̌t wist-a(t) wox̌tinči
29 wist-a(t) new wist-a(t) newinči
30 si siinči
40 čal čalinči
50 pinǰu pinǰuinči
60 oltmiš* oltmišinči
70 yatmiš* yatmišinči
80 saksán* saksáninči
90 tuqsan* tuqsaninči
100 sad sadinči
112 i sad-a(t) δes-a(t) δa i sad-a(t) δes-a(t) δɛwinči
115 i sad-at δes-a(t) pinӡ i sad-at δes-a(t) pinӡinči
243 δaf sad-at čal-at aróy δaf sad-at čal-at aróyinči
1,000 azúr azúrinči
1,453 i azúr-at cavúr sád-a(t) pinǰú-a(t) aroy i azúr-at cavúr sád-a(t) pinǰú-a(t) aroyinči
2,000 δɛw azúr, δou azur δɛw azúrinči, δou azurinči
1/2 az δɛw iw  
1/4 az cavúr iw  
2/5 az pinӡ δɛw  
0.8 az sad saksán  

* Uyghur loan-words

- Т.Н.Пахалина: Сарыкольско-Русский Словарь. Москва - 1971.
- Т.Н.Пахалина: Сарыкольский Язык. Москва - 1966.

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If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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