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Achang (Ngachang)

The Achang language is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in parts of Yunnan province in southern China by about 60,000 people (in 2007). Achang speakers are known as Achang or Maingtha, and the native name of the language is Ngachang [ŋa˨˩tʂhaŋ˨˩]. The language is also known as Ngochang, or 阿昌 (Āchāng) in Chinese.

Achang is spoken mainly in the counties of Longchuan (陇川县), Lianghe (梁河县) and Longling (龙陵县), and in Mang City (芒市 - formerly known as Luxi). Each area has its own dialect, and there is little mutual intelligibility between them.

Achang alphabet and pronunciation

Achang alphabet and pronunciation

H is pronunced [h] at the beginning of syllable, [ʔ] at the end of syllable.

Download a Achang alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer

Maukhung mha nyeis, ngamoq dah Uwus eh, Nah nyings gyingshang nyeis bas jungh. Nah munghdan jweh los bas jungh; Maukhung mha nah ehnyet tap joq zis yah dvyhangteh, Nyeisjvng mas eq tap joq bas jungh. Ngamoq chah nyeis dah wom jeis khvnyhik ngamoq lyis dyei aq. Ngamoq lyis cu bang dah yobos lyis ngamoq khyuot dyei zis yah dvyhangteh, Ngamoq cu dah yobos lyis khyuot dyei aq. Ngamoq lyis shiwu yvmas vshwih loh; Ma gis cho mhayah ngamoq lyis khyuot kat aq: khasoeh ge lyis munghdan yomsoq yahge phunk nyoqnho ngelang gas vcaiq vto nah zis nghuot.


Information provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Achang | Tower of Babel


Information about Achang

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