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Marma is a member of the Lolo-Burmese branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family. It is spoken by about 180,600 people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh, particularly in Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari districts. It is considered one of the dialects of Arakanese, along with Ramree and Sandowa.

Marma alphabet

Marma is written with a version the Burmese alphabet

Marma alphabet

Sample text in Marma

Sample text in Marma

Text carved by Tim Brookes of


Information about the Marma language and people

Tibeto-Burman languages

Achang, Arakanese, Balti, Bantawa, Bisu, Burmese, Dzongkha, Garo, Hajong, Hmar, Karen, Kayah Li, Ladakhi, Lahu, Lepcha, Limbu, Lisu, Manipuri, Marma, Mro, Naxi, Nepal Bhasa / Newari, Sikkimese, Sunuwar, Tibetan, Tshangla, Tujia, Yi

Languages written with the Burmese script

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