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Harari (ሃራሪ / Gey sinan)

Harari is a South Semitic language spoken by about 25,000 people in the Harari region in south eastern Ethiopia, particularly in the city of Harari. The language is also known as Adare, Adarinnya, Adere, Aderinya, Gey Sinan or Hararri.

Harari was originally written with a version of the Arabic script, then the Ethopic script was adopted to write the language. Harari speakers in Australia write their language with the Latin alphabet.

Ethiopic script for Harari

Harari script and pronunciation

Information about the Ethiopic script for Harari and pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Latin alphabet for Harari

Latin alphabet for Harari

Sample text in Harari (Latin alphabet)

Waldâchzinâw dînziyu wâ sinânziyûw matlêmadle 1992be qurân gêy kafatnama Gêy sinânuw amânbe matlêmad nifarkikut lâtîn harfîbe matlêmad êgalna.

Yîbe amânbe waldâchzina ûga zilahadube, 1999be bâdbe (Hararbe) hukûmazina sabai harfibe sinânzinâw maktable murti huluf zâshasa iggnâchum fîtzinâw azzo garab gargab âshna. Yakhnimâm qâcibe zilêqu waldâchuw sabai harfîw matlêmad ôrkut tâb khânama agagnnêw.


Back in 1992 Harari Language School was established to teach our children the Harari language. To simplify the process of teaching we adopted the Latin script and have successfully developed it for the need of the Harari language.

In 1999, when the Harari Regional Government adopted the Sabean (Ethiopic) script, we tried to use it here for our students. However our students found Sabean script very hard to learn.



Information about Harari

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