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Awing (Mbwe'wi)

Awing is a Southern Bantoid language spoken by about 19,000 people in Mezam division of North West Province of Cameroon, particularly in the village of Awing-Bambaluwe.

Related languages include Bafut, Bambili-Bambui, Kpati, Mendankwe-Nkwen, Ngemba and Pinyin.

Awing pronunciation

Awing pronunciation


Awing is a tonal language with tones indicated as follows: high and mid-high tones are indicated by an acute accent: á = /a˥/ and /a˦/; a low tone is indicated by a grave accent: à = /a˩/; other tones are indicated as follows: ǎ = /a˩˦/ or /a˩˥/, and â = /a˦˩/ or /a˥˩/.

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