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Lojban: The Logical Language

Lojban is a carefully constructed language designed with the intention of eliminating much of the ambiguity from human communication. It is the result of five decades' worth of collective efforts by hundreds of people.

Notable features

  • Lojban is designed to be used by people to communicate with one another, and possibly to communicate with computers in the future.
  • Lojban is designed to be culturally neutral.
  • Lojban grammar is based on the principles of logic.
  • Lojban has an unambiguous grammar.
  • Lojban has phonetic spelling, and unambiguous resolution of sounds into words.
  • Lojban is simple compared to natural languages; it is easy to learn.
  • Lojban's 1300 root words can be easily combined to form a vocabulary of millions of words.
  • Lojban is designed to be culturally neutral.
  • Lojban is regular; the rules of the language are without exception.
  • Lojban attempts to remove restrictions on creative and clear thought and communication.
  • Lojban has a variety of uses, ranging from the creative to the scientific, from the theoretical to the practical.

Lojban version of this text

lojban. lo logji bangu

ni'o la .lojban. goi ko'a rutni bangu tefi'e le nu vimcu so'e cfipu se sorsmu le pu'u remna tavla. pumo'u se zbasu ze'u ji'imuno se nanca so'ino gunka kujo'u so'inono sidju

  • .i la .lojban. bangu loi remna pe tezu'e loi nu tavla vo'e .e da'i loi skami
  • .i la .lojban. na kulnu selkai steci
  • .i la .lojban. logji
  • .i la .lojban. cu satci fi leka gerna ce'u
  • .i le voksnaske be la .lojban. cu jai se javni gi'e satci
  • .i la .lojban. cu zmadu lei rarna bangu leka sampu .i frili fa lo'e nu cilre
  • .i la .lojban. te valsi le parenono gismu noi ke'a frili te zbasu le so'oki'oki'o lujvo
  • .i la .lojban. jai se javni .i pino lei javni cu sezynatfe
  • .i la .lojban. jai troci lenu zifre pensi sidju
  • .i la .lojban. tutci so'o da no'u mu'a lei zifre finti ku ce lei saske .e lei se pensi ku ce lei ca'a se gasnu

A recording of this text by Jan Jurčík

Lojban alphabet (lerfu)

Lojban alphabet

Source: The Offical Lojban homepage (www.lojban.org).

A recording of the Lojban alphabet by Jan Jurčík

Sample text (mupli)

ro remna cu se jinzi co zifre je simdu'i be le ry. nilselsi'a .elei ry. selcru .i ry. se menli gi'e se sezmarde .i .ei jeseki'ubo ry. simyzu'e ta'i le tunba

A recording of this text by Jan Jurčík


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Translated into Lojban by Ben Slusky

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