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Arakanese (ရခိုင်ဘာသာ)

Arakanese is a Burmese language spoken in Rakhine state (ရခိုင်ပြည်နယ်), a region in the south west of Burma/Myanmar formerly known as Arakan, by about 2 million people, half of whom are native speakers. There are also some Arakanese speakers in Paletwa Township in Chin state. It is considered by some to be a dialect of Burmese, though differs significantly from Standard Burmese in its vocabulary, including loan words from Bengali, English, and Hindi.

There are three dialects of Arakanese: Sittwe–Marma, Ramree and Thandwe. The most widely-spoken one is Sittwe–Marma.

Arakanese alphabet and pronunciation

Arakanese alphabet and pronunciation

Download alphabet charts for Arakanese in Excel or PDF format.

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Information about Arakanese

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