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Megleno-Romanian (Vlăhește)

Megleno-Romanian is a Romance language spoken mainly in parts of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia by about 5,000 people. The Megleno-Romanian speakers, who call themselves Vlahi, live in a few villages in the Moglena region which is partly in the Greek region of Macedonia and partly in the Republic of Macedonia. There are also a number of speakers in Romania and Turkey.

Megleno-Romanian is similar to Romanian and Aromanian and considered by some as a dialect of Romanian, or a dialect of Aromanian, or as a separate language. It is most similar to Romanian, with much influence from neighbouring South Slavic languages.

Megleno-Romanian alphabet and pronunciation

Megleno-Romanian alphabet and pronunciation


Download a chart of the Megleno-Romanian alphabet (PDF, in German)

Sample text

Ạń am un ại̯or plin di cal’ al’bi. Saldi un roș ăn mejluc tucu ạl’ clutsăi̯aști.


I have a stable full of white horses. Only one red in the middle who kicks all.


Information provided by Wolfram Siegel and Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about the Megleno-Romanian languageână

Megleno-Romanian dictionary

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