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Mirandese (lhéngua mirandesa)

Mirandese is a Romance language closely related to Asturian spoken in northern Portugal by about 10,000 people. A further 5,000 or so people speak Mirandese occasionally. The majority of Mirandese speakers live in villages in the municipality of Miranda do Douro, and also in some villages in Vimioso, Mogadouro and Bragança.

Mirandese began to emerge as a distinct language during the 12th century, and Mirandese literature first appeared during the second half of the 19th century. The best known Mirandese writer is José Leite de Vasconcelos.

Today it is taught in some schools, articles in Mirandese appear some in newspapers and magazines, and there are occasional radio and television programmes in the language. Many young people view the language as archaic and underdeveloped and have little interest in it.

Mirandese alphabet

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Mirandese pronunciation

Pronunciation of Mirandese


Source: (PDF), Marcelo Luiz and Marcelo Manschein

Sample text in Mirandese

Quien dirie qu'antre ls matos eiriçados
Las ourriêtas i ls rius d'esta tiêrra,
Bibie, cumo l chaugarço de la siêrra,
Ua lhéngua de sons tan bariados?

Mostre-se i fale-s' essa lhéngua filha
D'un pobo que ten neilha l choro i l canto!
Nada por ciêrto mos cautiba tanto
Cumo la form' an que l'eideia brilha.

Zgraçiado d'aquel, qu'abandonando
La patri' an que naciu, la casa i l huôrto.
Tamien se squeçe de la fala! Quando
L furdes ber, talbéç que stéia muôrto!

A poem by J. Leite de Vasconcelos, source:

Sample video


Information about the Mirandese Language

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