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Mossi (Mòoré)

Mossi is member of the Gur branch of Niger-Congo languages and is spoken in Burkina Faso by about 7.6 million people (in 2007), and by about 60,000 in Mali and Togo. It is one of the official regional languages in Burkina Faso and is closely related to Dagbani, with which is is mutually intelligible. Mossi is also known as Mòoré, Mooré, Moré, Moshi, Moore or More.

In Burkina-Faso Mossi is written with a version of the Latin alphabet based on l'Alphabet national burkinabè (National Burkinan Alphabet), which was developed at a conference in 1976 to harmonise the written forms of all the languages of Burkina-Faso, which was known as Upper Volta at the time. It was officially adopted in 1979.

Mossi alphabet and pronunciation

Mossi alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Mossi (Excel)

Sample text in Mossi

Ninsaalbã fãa sã n doge, ned fãa so a menga, ned pa rogd n yaa yamb ye, nebã fãa zema taab b yel-segdɩ la b burkĩndlem wɛɛngẽ. Nebã fãa tara yam la tagsgo, ned fãa togame n vɩɩnd ne a to saam-biir pʊgẽ.

Sample video in Mossi

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