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Čveneburuli (ჩვენებურული / שתוואנאבוּרוּלי)

Čveneburuli is a way of writing Georgian with the Hebrew script designed by Isaac Mayer. It incorporates some of the unique phonology of Georgian Hebrew (the letter ע, for instance, is pronounced /qʼ/ in Georgian phonology), and adopting a tendency towards alphabetical 'full spellings' as opposed to abjad 'empty spellings' found in many different Jewish colloquial languages, this system also takes into account the history of Semitic emphatic consonants and the unique traits of Georgian pronunciation to create a Judeo-Georgian system.

The Georgian Jewish community traces its history back over two thousand years, claiming to have arrived in Georgia during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Like many Jewish communities, the Georgians developed their own dialects of the vernacular language, distinguished by certain phonological, morphological, and lexical differences from standard Georgian.

This dialect, referred to as q̇ivruli ("Jewish") by outsiders, was referred to in the community as Čveneburuli, literally "ours". Unfortunately, because of Georgia's isolation from much of the greater Jewish community as well as Soviet suppression of unique Jewish traditions, much of the history of Čveneburuli is lost, and the few remaining speakers have largely either moved to Israel and studied modern Hebrew, or have assimilated to standard Georgian.

Čveneburuli script

Čveneburuli script

Download an alphabet chart for Čveneburuli (Excel)

Sample text in the Čveneburuli

עוואלה הדהמיהני יבהדאבה תהוויסוּפֿהלי דה תהנהסצוֹרי תהוויסי גֿירסאביתה דה וּפֿלאבאבית. מהת מינישצאבוּלי הכּוות גּוֹנאבה דה סינדיסי דה ארתמהנאתיס מימהרת וּנדה יכּסתאוֹדנאן דזמוֹביס סוּליסקוואתאבית.

Sample text in the Georgian script

ყველა ადამიანი იბადება თავისუფალი და თანასწორი თავისი ღირსებითა და უფლებებით. მათ მინიჭებული აქვთ გონება და სინდისი და ერთმანეთის მიმართ უნდა იქცეოდნენ ძმობის სულისკვეთებით.

Transliteration in the Latin alphabet

Qvela adamiani ibadeba tavisupali da tanasc̣ori tavisi ɣirsebita da uplebebit. Mat minič̣ebuli akvt goneba da sindisi da ertmanetis mimart unda ikceodnenʒmobis sulisḳvetebit.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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