Mayan Hangul Mayan Hangul

Mayan Hangul is a way to write Classic Maya(n) (Chʼoltiʼ tziij) with the Korean Hangul script devised by S. Parent. Classic Maya is a language known from inscriptions in the Maya script dating from about 200-900 AD. It's pronunciation has been reconstructed based on those inscriptions, and modern Mayan languages.

Notable features

Mayan Hangul alphabet

Mayan Hangul alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Mayan Hangul (Excel)

Sample text

Sample text in Mayan Hangul


Yak’aw ʔuk’uhul pik juʔun winaak pixom ʔusak hunal ʔuh Yax K’ahk’ K’uh(?) ʔutup k’uh(ul)? ...l ʔukoʔhaw Chaahk Sak Balun


He gave the god clothing, [consisted of] twenty nine headgears, white ribbon, necklace, First Fire God’s earrings and God’s quadrilateral badge helmet, to Chaahk Sak-Balun.


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