Quechuan Ogham ( ᚛ᚊᚆᚎᚑᚐ᚜)

Quechuan Ogham, or Qhichwa, is a way to write Quechua with the Ogham alphabet devised by Lenny Bright. He thought that as the Inca used to keep records with knotted strings, or quipu, Ogham might suit the language as it looks a but like the quipu. He found that there are enough letters in Ogham to write Southern Quechua (Qhichwa), which is spoken in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Notable features

Quechuan Ogham alphabet

Quechuan Ogham alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Quechuan Ogham

Sample text

᚛ᚔᚋᚐᚓᚋᚔ ᚑᚐᚅᚌᚐᚓᚒᚒᚁᚒ ᚌᚒᚇᚔᚋᚒᚂᚐ᚜


Imaymi wankayuupu kutimula?


When did he come back from Huancayo?

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Adapted scripts by Lenny Bright

Chahta' Ogham, Coillic, Cornogham, Għasel, Iwerzoneg Skritur, Kitba ġdida, Neo-Gothic, Quechuan Ogham

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