Iwerzoneg Skritur (᚛ᚔᚖᚓᚏᚎᚑᚓᚌ ᚄᚉᚏᚔᚈᚒᚏ᚜)

Iwerzoneg Skritur, or Bretogham, is a way to write Breton with the Ogham alphabet devised by Lenny Bright, with a few revisions by Simon Ager. He decided to create this after adapting Ogham for Cornish.

Notable features

Iwerzoneg Skritur alphabet

Iwerzoneg Skritur alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Iwerzoneg Skritur

Sample text

᚛ᚇᚔᚓᚒᚁ ᚆᚐ ᚚᚐᚏ ᚓᚅ ᚑ ᚇᚓᚂᚂᚓᚎᚓᚌᚓᚎᚆ ᚆᚐᚌ ᚑ ᚌᚖᚔᚏᚔᚑù ᚓᚑ ᚌᚐᚅᚓᚈ ᚐᚅ ᚆᚑᚂᚂ ᚇᚒᚇ᚜ ᚛ᚚᚑᚓᚂᚂ ᚆᚐ ᚄᚉᚔᚐᚅᚈ ᚎᚑ ᚇᚓᚎᚆᚑ ᚆᚐ ᚇᚂᚓᚑᚒᚈ ᚐ ᚏᚓᚑᚅᚈ ᚁᚓᚗᚐñ ᚐᚅ ᚓᚔᚂ ᚌᚐᚅᚈ ᚓᚌᚔᚂᚓ ᚓᚅ ᚒᚏ ᚄᚚᚓᚏᚓᚇ ᚐ ᚌᚓᚅᚗᚏᚓᚒᚇᚓᚒᚏᚔᚓᚎᚆ᚜


Dieub ha par en o dellezegezh hag o gwirioù eo ganet an holl dud. Poell ha skiant zo dezho ha dleout a reont bevañ an eil gant egile en ur spered a genvreudeuriezh.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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Adapted scripts by Lenny Bright

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