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Runica (ᚱᚢᚾᛁᛊᚨ)

Runica was created by Alexander R. and is an adaptation of the Elder Futhark runic script for the Serbian language. When he was doing research on Scandinavia, he started reading about it's history and found the Elder Futhark runes, and since they looked interesting, he tried to adapt them to his language.


Runica script for Serbian


Download an alphabet chart for Runica (Excel)

Sample text

ᛋᚹᚨ ᛚᛃᚢᛞᛋᚲᚨ ᛒᛁᛏᛃᚨ ᚱᚨᛞᛃᚨᛃᚢ ᛋᛖ ᛋᛚᛟᛒᛟᛞᚾᚨ ᛁ ᛃᛖᛞᚾᚨᚲᚨ ᚢ ᛞᛟᛋᛏᛟᛃᚨᚾᛋᛏᚹᚢ ᛁ ᛈᚱᚨᚹᛁᛗᚨ. ᛟᚾᚨ ᛋᚢ ᛟᛒᛞᚨᚱᛖᚾᚨ ᚱᚨᛉᚢᛗᛟᛗ ᛁ ᛋᚹᛖᛋᚻᛏᛃᚢ ᛁ ᛏᚱᛖᛒᚨ ᛃᛖᛞᚾᛁ ᛈᚱᛖᛗᚨ ᛞᚱᚢᚷᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨ ᛈᛟᛋᛏᚢᛈᚨᛃᚢ ᚢ ᛞᚢᚻᚢ ᛒᚱᚨᛏᛋᛏᚹᚨ.

Transliteration (Cyrillic alphabet)

Сва људска бића рађају се слободна и једнака у достојанству и правима. Она су обдарена разумом и свешћу и треба једни према другима да поступају у духу братства.

Transliteration (Latin alphabet)

Sva ljudska bića rađaju se slobodna i jednaka u dostojanstvu i pravima. Ona su obdarena razumom i svešću i treba jedni prema drugima da postupaju u duhu bratstva.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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