Family words in Occitan

Words for family members and other relatives in Occitan.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female

family la familha
parents los parents
father lo paire
mother la maire
children los mainadum
son lo filh
daughter la filha
husband lo marit
wife la femna
la molhèr
brother lo fraire
sister la sòrre
uncle l'oncle
aunt la tanta
cousin lo cosin (m)
la cosina (f)
nephews & nieces las nebodalha
nephew lo nebot
niece la neboda
grandparents los avis
grandfather l'avi
lo pepin
lo pairegrand
lo papet
grandmother l'àvia
la menina
la mima
la grand
grandchildren los reiredròlles
grandson lo felen
lo reirefilh
lo reiredròlle
granddaughter la felena
la reirefilha
la reiredròlla
great grandfather lo reirepepin
great grandmother la reiremenina
great uncle lo reironcle
great aunt la reiremenina
father-in-law lo sògre
mother-in-law la sògra
brother-in-law lo conhat
sister-in-law la conhada


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