Family words in Portuguese

Words for family members and other relatives in Portuguese.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female

family a família
parents os pais
father o pai
mother a mãe
children os filhos
as crianças
son o filho
daughter a filha
husband o marido
o esposo
wife a mulher
a esposa
brother o irmão
sister a irmã
uncle o tio
aunt a tia
cousin o primo (m)
a prima (f)
nephews & nieces os sobrinhos
nephew o sobrinho
niece a sobrinha
grandparents os avós
grandfather o avô
grandmother a avó
grandchildren os netos
grandson o neto
granddaughter a neta
great grandfather o bisavô
great grandmother a bisavó
great uncle o tio-avô
great aunt a tia-avó
father-in-law o sogro
mother-in-law a sogra
brother-in-law o cunhado
sister-in-law a cunhada


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