Family words in Romanian

Words for family members and other relatives in Romanian.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female

family familie
parents părinţi
father tată
mother mamă
children copil
son fiu
daughter fiică
husband soţ
wife soţie
siblings fraţi
fraţi şi surori
fraţi sau surori
brother frate
sister soră
uncle unchi
aunt mătuşă
cousin verişor (m)
verişoară (f)
nephews & nieces nepoții și nepoate
nephew nepot
niece nepoată
grandparents bunici
grandfather bunic
grandmother bunică
grandchildren nepoţi
grandson nepot
granddaughter nepoată
great grandfather străbunic
great grandmother străbunică
great uncle unchi de-al doilea
great aunt mare mătușa
father-in-law socru
mother-in-law soacră
brother-in-law cumnat
sister-in-law cumnată
son-in-law ginere
daughter-in-law noră

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Family words in Romanian

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