Latin alphabets for Persian

There are a number of different ways of writing Persian with the Latin alphabet.

UniPers/Pârsiye Jahân

UnisPers, or Universal Persian, is a method of writing Persian with the Latin alphabet developed in Iran during the 1950s and popularized by Mohamed Keyvan. The chart below shows the letters used to write UniPers, toghether with their equivalent Persian letters.

UniPers alphabet

Amendments to UniPers provided by Michael Peter Füstumum


Pársik or IPA2 (International Persian Alphabet) is another method of writing Persian with the Latin alphabet developed recently, mainly by A. Moslehi, a comparative linguist.

Pársik alphabet

Download alphabet charts for Persian (Excel)

Sample text in Persian

UniPers version

Tamâme afrâde bašar âzâd be donyâ miyâyand va az lahâze heysiyyat va hoquq bâ ham barâbarand, hame dârâye aqlo vejdân mibâšand va bâyad nesbat be yekdigar bâ ruhe barâdari raftâr nemâyand.


Tamám e afrád e bascar ázád be donya mi áyand va az leház e heysiyat o hoquq ba ham barábar'and. Hame dára e aql o vejdán mi báscand o báyad nesbat be yekdigar ba ruh e barábari raftár konand.

Version of this text in the Perso-Arabic alphabet

Sample text in Persian


Tamām-e afrād-e bashar āzād be-donyā miyāyand va az lehāż-e heis̱īyat-o hoqūq bāham barābarand. Hame dārā-ye ʿaql-o vejdān mībāshand va bāyad nesbat be-yekdīgar bā rūh-e barābarī raftār konand.

A recording of the Persian alphabet by Bahaareh Asghari (بهاره اصغرى)


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Pársik/IPA2 provided by Daniel Ben-David

UniPers text provided by Sahand Nasr

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Information about UniPers

Information about Pársik/IPA2

Information about other methods of writing Persian with the Latin alphabet

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