Malecite-Passamaquoddy numbers

How to count in Malecite-Passamaquoddy, an Algonquian language spoken in New Brunswick in Canada, and in Maine in the USA.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 pesq, neqt amsqahsewey
2 nis, tapu nisewey
3 nihi, ’sis nuhuwewey
4 new newewey
5 nan nanewey
6 kamahein kamahcin kehsewey
7 oluwikonok oluwikonok kehsewey
8 oqomolcin oqomolcin kehsewey
9 esqonatek esqonatek kehsewey
10 ’qotinsk ’qotinsk kehsewey
11 ’qotanku ’qotanku kehsewey
12 nisanku nisanku kehsewey
13 ’sanku ’sanku kehsewey
14 newanku newanku kehsewey
15 nananku nananku kehsewey
16 kamahcin kehsanku kamahcin kehsanku kehsewey
17 oluwikonok kehsanku oluwikonok kehsanku kehsewey
18 oqomolcin kehsanku oqomolcin kehsanku kehsewey
19 esqonatek kehsanku esqonatek kehsanku kehsewey
20 nisinsk nisinsk kehsewey
21 nisinsk cel pesq (neqt) nisinsk cel pesq kehsewey
22 nisinsk cel nis (tapu) nisinsk cel nis kehsewey
23 nisinsk cel nihi (’sis) nisinsk cel nihi kehsewey
24 nisinsk cel new nisinsk cel new kehsewey
25 nisinsk cel nan nisinsk cel nan kehsewey
26 nisinsk cel kamahcin nisinsk cel kamahcin kehsewey
27 nisinsk cel oluwikonok nisinsk cel oluwikonok kehsewey
28 nisinsk cel oqomolcin nisinsk cel oqomolcin kehsewey
29 nisinsk cel esqonatek nisinsk cel esqonatek kehsewey
30 ’sinsk ’sinsk kehsewey
40 newinsk newinsk kehsewey
50 naninsk naninsk kehsewey
60 kamahcin kehsinsk kamahcin kehsinsk kehsewey
70 oluwikonok kehsinsk oluwikonok kehsinsk kehsewey
80 oqomolcin kehsinsk oqomolcin kehsinsk kehsewey
90 esqonatek kehsinsk esqonatek kehsinsk kehsewey
100 ’qotatq ’qotatq kehsewey
200 nisatq nisatq kehsewey
300 ’satq ’satq kehsewey
400 newatq newatq kehsewey
500 nanatq nanatq kehsewey
600 kamahcin kehsatq kamahcin kehsatq kehsewey
700 oluwikonok kehsatq oluwikonok kehsatq kehsewey
800 oqomolcin kehsatq oqomolcin kehsatq kehsewey
900 esqonatek kehsatq esqonatek kehsatq kehsewey
1,000 ’qotamqahk ’qotamqahk kehsewey
2,000 nisamqahk nisamqahk kehsewey
3,000 ’samqahk ’samqahk kehsewey
4,000 newamqahk newamqahk kehsewey
5,000 nanamqahk nanamqahk kehsewey
6,000 kamahcin kehsamqahk kamahcin kehsamqahk kehsewey
7,000 oluwikonok kehsamqahk oluwikonok kehsamqahk kehsewey
8,000 oqomolcin kehsamqahk oqomolcin kehsamqahk kehsewey
9,000 esqonatek kehsamqahk esqonatek kehsamqahk kehsewey
10,000 ’qotamqahk ’qotamqahk kehsewey
1,000,000 ’qotalokamqahk ’qotalokamqahk kehsewey
once neqt
twice nisokehs
three times nihikehs

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